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"SpyHunter is the best Anti Spyware program that I have ever used. It is very simple and effective"

Michael Hansomme
San Jose, CA


SpyHunter is an incredibly popular antivirus application. As one of the whole world's most popular antivirus software suites, SpyHunter has helped computer users all around the entire world repair PC issues and make their computers safer.

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SpyHunter 4

SpyHunter has tons of amazing features that have endeared it to computer users all over the world. From its daily-updated virus database to its quick and methodical scans, it is easy to see why SpyHunter is trusted by typical PC users as well as tech support professionals.

-Effective virus and malware removal
-Incredibly simple to use
-Minimal resource usage means that the computer doesn't slow down
- Will work on both old and new PCs
-Rapid and exhaustive scans

The truth is, they are really one of the characteristics that recognize SpyHunter from every other antivirus software on the earth. Most other antivirus programs update their virus databases on a weekly or even monthly basis. Obviously, this is not an ideal solution and it lets many viruses slip through the cracks.

Since the virus database is updated daily, SpyHunter never leaves computer users undefended. It takes only seconds to update the database, after which users can rest assured that they are finished protected.

SpyHunter 4 Tools and Features

World class antivirus protection: Now's viruses are more harmful than ever. Computer users can set their PCs -- and their lives -- at risk by using inferior antivirus software. Today, sophisticated viruses can hack into the computer's webcam and mic, recording users as they sit at their PC. It is a software at a fair cost.

Simple one click interface: We are not all computer gurus. As well as the creators of SpyHunter appear to comprehend that better than anyone. Instead, SpyHunter is extremely easy-to-use, even for pc users who have little to no expertise in the field.

Minimal resource usage: This isn't an ideal option for computer users. After all, the overall target of most antivirus software would be to speed up pc performance and reduce errors. That is why we enjoy SpyHunter's minimal resource use.

Completely customizable: SpyHunter will operate immediately after installing. Users don't need to change any settings or transform the plan in any way. However, those who wish to acquire the most from the program may wish to edit its settings and customize the manner SpyHunter scans the system. By changing these options, users can select exactly which portions of the COMPUTER to scan for viruses. The truth is, the application is astonishingly customizable compared to other antivirus programs, which makes it an ideal option for beginner users and COMPUTER professionals alike.

Why are Viruses So Dangerous

Virus creators spend millions of dollars developing and perfecting their malicious software, now. This is a poor thing for PC users -- specially for those who have not yet installed an antivirus program.

Today, the entire world's most complex viruses can cause serious PC problems. Viruses have always been able to slow down computer functionality and prevent users from accessing certain parts of the PC.

-Steal personal files found on your own COMPUTER

- to be able to learn passwords for banking sites and social media Monitor your keystrokes

-Hack into your e-mail and send viruses to all contacts

-Remotely activate your webcam and mic to record your movement -Steal your credit-card information and go on a spending spreed

-Steal your identity and ruin your credit score and reputation

As you can view, today's viruses are incredibly scary. And unfortunately, most of today's antivirus programs have a difficult time removing viruses from the PC due to the complexity of the problems they are working with.

Download SpyHunter Now

Anybody who's serious about protecting their PC should download SpyHunter today so as to shield their computer's protection. Download your free trial of SpyHunter now, should you not need this info to be put at risk.

The SpyHunter free trial allows customers to see just how the application roots out viruses in the PC. In only minutes, SpyHunter will identify common virus threats and try to completely remove them from your machine. Users can enjoy a faster, cleaner, and safer PC experience, once these viruses have been removed.

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